Pranks are Unsexy

There are many ways a lot of people mostly from new generation consider physical beauty as sexy, which is why there are more people in the gym then there are in libraries but why is it this way when all it takes is few simple steps to be an attractive person.


To begin let me say that this is my version of attractiveness and since it is a choice of personal preference you can decide what is yours. Everybody has there own set of personal preference and I choose mine to be based on good manners, politeness and in general being a nice person.


Now a days there are lot of pranks videos floating around all over the web which seem to attract hundreds and thousands views but if you have ever seen any of those prank videos you will know that they are not actually pranks but in general being an asshole to somebody.

This is what I am talking about, these guys choose to be assholes to people for no apparent reason and when the person gets angry they just scream “its a prank bro”. I don’t know if any of these guys have ever gotten punch but I know that if they tried this with me, somebody will definitely get punched.

It’s not like I hate pranks, I love quality pranks and there are so many available online. These pranks don’t hurt anyone or annoy anyone instead when they realize they have been pranked they usually have a nice laugh and be on there way.

These kind of pranks show smartness and a nice side of being humans, now this is what I mentioned when I said the new generation about that they love the bad kind of pranks and not the good pranks. They love watching somebody else get annoyed or cry and then they reenact these things in there own lives. I mean they are so young and you see them act all tough with cigars when they don’t even know how to puff a cigar.

If it was upto me these pranks would have been long banned but unfortunately it is not and as long as people are watching it people will keep creating this crap.

This is why pranks are on my unsexy lists, they plain out suck.