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  • 100. Justin Bieber

    16 will get you 20

    There is nothing sexy about 16 year old boys . Say it with us, frustrated soccer moms of America: unless you’re a Catholic priest, ... READ MORE

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  • 99. Scott Brown

    Mr. Brown Is Out of Town

    We’re not sure how old you have to be to get hot and bothered by the bear-rug treasure trail in Scott’s antique Cosmo shoot,... READ MORE

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  • 98. Brock Lesnar

    High Heel

    This former fake-wrestling pork chop is one of the largest fighters in the real-combat UFC — also, perhaps, the most despised. And not just because he’s... READ MORE

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  • 97. Steven Tyler

    Dude Looks Like an Old Lady

    When Steven Tyler wasn’t injuring himself falling off stages, his on-again, off-again relationship with Aerosmith was so confusing that even his bandmates weren’t sure if he was... READ MORE

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  • 96. Patriots mascot Robert Sormanti

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Though they crapped out of this year’s NFL playoffs, the New England Patriots did earn one title: “Sports-Crime Team of the Year” from ... READ MORE

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  • 95. Raaandy

    Slumdog Chamillionaire

    Aziz Ansari, we loved your cameo as Comedy Store hack and Malibu’s Most Wanted suspect Raaaaaaaandy in the Adam Sandler comi-drama Funny People . But a whole... READ MORE

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  • 94. Tim Burton

    Dead Wood

    Would someone please make the scary homeless-looking goth man stop ruining the fairy tales? Apparently Sleeping Beauty is next — sponsored by Ambien, perhaps? Wait, here’s... READ MORE

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  • 93. Ahmed Karzai

    Pashtun Pusher-man

    The brother of Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai, Ahmed Karzai is an accused heroin dealer — and CIA parolee. (If we’re bankrolling heroin dealers, why not use the profits... READ MORE

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  • 92. Jeremy Piven

    Mercurial Actor

    Hey, kids: careful what you eat and drink! If you consume too much fish, like bizarre actor Jeremy Piven claims he did (twice a day for 20 years!),... READ MORE

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  • 91. Ninja From Die Antwoord

    South Africa Bambaataa

    You saw the meme: is there a more visceral icon of unsexiness in 2010 than this satire/homage to South African rave-rap, with his ball-sack seen banging against his... READ MORE

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