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  • 90. Jason Reitman

    Alfred Hitchcocky

    It’s unfair enough that the son of Ivan “Ghostbusters” Reitman got the opportunity to write, produce, and direct screenplays because of his daddy. Now we have to listen... READ MORE

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  • 89. Jim Allen

    Missionary Sedition

    Of all the people who did and said ridiculous and even hurtful things regarding the earthquake in Haiti, Amarillo-based missionary and accused kidnapper Jim Allen wins... READ MORE

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  • 88. Shaun White

    Face Plant

    This US gold-medal snowboarder has no competition . . . when it comes to looking like a cross between Carrot Top and Rocky Dennis. LOOKS... READ MORE

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  • 87. 3oh3


    REASON(S) THEY’RE ON THE LIST If these DayGlo, emo-rap poseurs “don't trust a ho,” what are they doing on Ke$ha’s latest single? Dude brahs: if you’re looking for... READ MORE

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  • 86. James O'Keefe

    Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

    This conservative Encyclopedia Brown with delusions that he was Woodward and Bernstein has it all wrong: he wasn’t finding the new Watergate, he was creating... READ MORE

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  • 85. Wolf Blitzer

    Stiff Claven

    Answer: “Wolf Blitzer.” Question: “What TV media man lost every ounce of journalistic credibility he had when he got absolutely smoked on Celebrity Jeopardy! ... READ MORE

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  • 84. Joe Wilson


    This boorish South Carolina representative interrupted Obama’s joint congressional address on health-care with a screechy (and kinda insane) accusation of “You lie!” The dispute centered on whether the... READ MORE

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  • 83. Mitt Romney

    White Liar

    Oh, 2008. You were a good year. We remember you fondly as the year in which we would finally be rid of Romney, the empty suit... READ MORE

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  • 82. John Terry

    Dribble Penetration

    England’s version of Tiger Woods is a star player on the British national soccer team. According to the British Daily Mail , the married Terry had an... READ MORE

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  • 81. John Ensign

    What Happens in Vegas Will Eventually Get Out and Be Completely Public Knowledge

    The Nevada senator voted to impeach Bill Clinton for his infidelities, and then . . . admitted last year that he himself had had an affair with the... READ MORE

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