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  • 80. Rush Limbaugh

    Don’t Let the Florida Panhandle Hit Your Fat Ass on the Way Out

    Last month, our 2009 Unsexiest champ got our hearts all aflutter. Not by undoing the buttons on his shirt or anything, but by pledging that, if health care... READ MORE

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  • 79. Winnebago Man

    Trailer Trash

    One of the few pre-YouTube viral video sensations , Winnebago corporate pitchman Jack Rebney became famous among VCR tape-traders who passed around a pissah outtakes reel... READ MORE

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  • 78. Tom Cable

    Offensive Coordinator

    During an off-season meeting, this coach of the Oakland Raiders allegedly threw assistant coach Randy Hanson into a wall and then punched him in the face, resulting in... READ MORE

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  • 77. Brad Ferro

    Snook Attack

    Yeah, we found it hard to watch the repulsive Jersey Shore , too. But where we distinguish ourselves from Queens gym teacher Brad Ferro is, we didn’t... READ MORE

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  • 76. Michael Lohan

    Daddy Drunkest

    This “born-again” deadbeat claims to be clean, but we think he must still be on something to be pitching a reality show based on Jon Gosselin ex-girlfriends, an... READ MORE

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  • 75. Hutaree Militiamen

    Michigan Accomplished

    REASON(S) THEY’RE ON THE LIST This Midwestern group of self-proclaimed Christian warriors who invented their own code language was nabbed this week as it plotted to kill a... READ MORE

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  • 74. Robert Pattinson

    Pussy Abhor

    Already haunted by reports that he smells funny, the Twilight -franchise star recently told Details magazine that “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina.”... READ MORE

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  • 73. Bob Harper

    Elephant Trainer

    This modern-day Richard Simmons plays good cop to Jillian Michaels’ bad cop while slimming down America’s fatties on The Biggest Loser . And, it’s true, women cling... READ MORE

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  • 72. Juan Pablo Montoya

    Tools of the Trade

    The former Indy 500 champ is one of the world’s brightest young racing stars, but has developed a reputation for having a bit of a temper — even... READ MORE

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  • 71. Gary Coleman

    What’choo Gawking at, Willis?

    While trying to break up a fight on a locker-room set of the no-budget comedy Midgets vs. Mascots (exactly what it sounds like), Coleman’s robe flew open —... READ MORE

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