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  • 70. Rex Ryan

    Pig Skin

    Obnoxious coach of the New York Jets became a viral-video sensation when he donned a gift jersey at a hockey game, exposing his beluga-like body to... READ MORE

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  • 69. Harvey Levin

    Dominick Dumb

    TV lawyer turned TMZ kingpin Levin believes that, despite being a catalyst driving our rotting culture, his voyeuristic Web site deserves news credibility. Sure, TMZ broke Michael Jackson’s... READ MORE

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  • 68. John Travolta


    It may be no coincidence that the Travolta-spearheaded adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth (remember John and Forest Whitaker in Klingon drag?) was recently named... READ MORE

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  • 67. Bobby Moynihan

    Snooze Brother

    Only this latest addition to the (John Belushi Memorial) Chubby SNL Cast Member Club — and his generic, fat-guy-in-drag impersonations of fish-in-a-barrel targets like Snooki —... READ MORE

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  • 66. Sean Hannity

    Great white dope

    This Fox News commentator’s latest book appears to be a work of fantasy. It’s called Conservative Victory , and is set in a dangerous alternate universe where all the... READ MORE

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  • 65. Luke Wilson

    Husky hypeman

    It happened so quietly, you might not even have noticed, but sometime around the end of last year, former film star Luke Wilson pudged out and went from... READ MORE

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  • 64. Conrad Murray

    Jacko's Quacko

    While being the personal doctor for a wacko like Michael Jackson could not have been an easy gig, we’re pretty sure that elephant men don’t need more painkillers... READ MORE

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  • 63. Don "Moose" Lewis

    White-Power Forward

    Earlier this year, this Atlanta-based sports promoter announced the upcoming inaugural season for the all-white All-American Basketball Alliance. “Only players that are natural-born United States citizens with both... READ MORE

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  • 62. Mario Lopez

    Extra creepy

    Look, no one over age 10 should have those dimples. As one Internet commenter described the Saved by the Bell star turned Extra host,... READ MORE

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  • 61. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


    Persian Ivy Dubious president of Iran who “won” his re-election campaign, which was made easier when the opposition credibly noted that 14 million votes had gone missing. The ensuing protests over the... READ MORE

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