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  • 50. James Crowley and Skip Gates

    Ebony and Ivory

    REASON(S) THEY’RE ON THE LIST Skip Gates is the reason that white Cambridge cops know not to mess with tenured black Harvard professors — or else, God forbid,... READ MORE

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  • 49. Gilbert Arenas

    Washington Bullet

    The three-time all-star has a $111 million dollar contract, yet moneybags refused to pay a gambling debt he owed his bench-scrub Washington Wizards teammate, Javaris Crittenton. Whether or not... READ MORE

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  • 48. Jeff Dunham

    Racism for Dummies

    Videogum.com famously called Comedy Central’s The Jeff Dunham Show “the worst thing in the entire world,” with evident reason. Dunham’s biggest, 100-million-YouTube-views laugh lines include... READ MORE

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  • 47. Mel Gibson

    Holy Hypocrisy

    We’d kind of forgotten about Hollywood’s favorite homophobic, anti-Semitic drunkard director. But the raving-mad traditionalist, pre–Vatican II Catholic (who’s all up in other people’s business, morality-wise) got divorced... READ MORE

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  • 46. Simon Monjack


    Dubbed “Con-Jack” by the tabloids (for reports that surfaced about past felony charges, credit-card fraud, and visa troubles), the slug-looking Monjack seemed to be on the road to image... READ MORE

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  • 45. Roman Polanski

    Swiss Sleaze

    Drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl: not sexy. Running from the law when it looks like you might get jail time for it: cowardly. Whining because the cops... READ MORE

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  • 44. Will.I.Am

    Pea Brain

    There’s a velvet-roped circle of hell reserved for the man responsible for us having to hear “I Gotta Feeling” at weddings for the rest of our lives. (Then again,... READ MORE

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  • 43. Wes Anderson

    Twee for Two

    After a couple of high-profile flops, this prima-donna Amex-commercial director finally had a hit movie again with The Fantastic Mr. Fox . But the quirky jerk made the... READ MORE

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  • 42. Bear Grylls


    The host of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild is a bit of a rough date. If he doesn’t like the water, he’s liable to give himself... READ MORE

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  • 41. Sammy Sosa

    White Fielder

    Long suspected of using steroids to build muscle in his Major League Baseball career, Sammy Sosa now admits to using . . . some “European” bleaching cream to... READ MORE

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