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  • 40. Pat Robertson

    Quake Flake

    After the Haiti earthquake struck, claiming more than an estimated 200,000 lives, Reverend Nutter explained that this seeming natural disaster was no accident. The Haitian people brought it on... READ MORE

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  • 39. Kanye West

    I’mma Sick of This Guy

    So effectively squashed singer Taylor Swift’s moment in the MTV Video Music Awards sun after she won for Best Female Video that he birthed a new verb: ... READ MORE

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  • 38. Guy Fieri

    Frosted Flake

    Everything about this guy screams “douche”: the spiky, frosted hair; the chunky-brah wardrobe, the shades, the lingo, the tri-tone goatee. What, exactly, qualifies him for his job? His... READ MORE

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  • 37. Lou Dobbs

    Birther Controller

    Can anyone prove that forced-to-resign CNN anchor Lou Dobbs was actually born in this country? LOOKS LIKE Ted Baxter with a torch and... READ MORE

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  • 36. Simon Van Kempen

    Animal Husbandry

    The weird freckles, the Brillo goatee, the insipid parenting manual: this creepy, metrosexually ambiguous husband on The Real Housewives of New York City makes our ovaries... READ MORE

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  • 35. Scott Disick

    Slippery Disick

      Imagine Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho without a job and you begin to get a vibe on Kourtney’s vapid, Hamptons-bred paramour on Keeping Up... READ MORE

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  • 34. David Letterman

    Worldwide Pants Remover

    REASON(S) HE MADE OUR LIST Turned his Late Show into the Laid Show by banging multiple female staffers, reportedly in a private loft above... READ MORE

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  • 33. Kevin Garn

    Hot Tub Crime Machine

    Former Utah House majority leader recently admitted to skinny-dipping in a hot tub 25 years ago with an underage girl, while he was married. Though Garn maintains that... READ MORE

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  • 32. Glen "Big Baby" Davis

    Rim Job

    Rotund Celtics bench player and discipline problem demanded that his nickname be changed from “Big Baby” — now Number 11 wants to be called “Uno Uno.” ... READ MORE

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  • 31. Artie Lange

    Stabbie the Poke Man

    Poor Artie. When Howard Stern fans told him to trim the fat, they didn’t mean to carve it out of his abdomen with a knife. It’s not as... READ MORE

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