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  • 30. Charlie Sheen

    Two and a Half Kilos

    Aided by the Hollywood PR machine and a sense of entitlement that can only come out of an LA acting family, Sheen managed to fool Middle America into... READ MORE

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  • 29. Richard Heene


    Sure, Balloon Boy’s dad faked his own son’s disappearence to get on television. Who hasn’t? Nobody got hurt. The thing is — as we learned on Wife... READ MORE

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  • 28. Ryan Seacrest

    American Eye-dull

    Like Dick Clark before him, Seacrest is hard-working. Well dressed. A smart businessman. Gets to dust off his chivalry in defending the maidens of American Idol ... READ MORE

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  • 27. Drake


    We’re not suggesting that all rappers have to earn their stripes by getting shot. But if that’s the course of marketing that they wish to pursue,... READ MORE

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  • 26. Levi Johnston

    Vlad the Impalinator

    Slimy Alaskan became a right-wing puppet as the happy teenage dad of Sarah Palin’s grandson. Then, after McCain-Palin crapped out, he left his family. Far more revolting, though,... READ MORE

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  • 25. Masturbating Guy on Chatroulette

    Beef Stroganoff

    We know porn fuels the Internet, but until this Web site came along, we could at least drive along the Information Superhighway and look out the... READ MORE

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  • 24. Dick Cheney

    Dr. Medieval

    According to Cheney’s own book, by the end of the Bush administration, even Dubya wasn’t listening to his own Dr. Strangelove. Now, Cheney’s become the face of American... READ MORE

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  • 23. Adam Lambert

    Ziggy Fartdust

    His sexual preference? Fine by us: our only regret about his American Music Awards performance is that he didn’t leash up and hump Ryan Seacrest. But girlfriend, the... READ MORE

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  • 22. Steven Seagal

    Network Ninja

    When we signed the petition begging this ponytailed martial-arts has-been never to act again, we didn’t mean to suggest that he should instead seek out roles as an ... READ MORE

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  • 21. Rahm Emanuel

    Awful Office

    As Obama’s Karl Rove, Rahm Emanuel is no stranger to the dark arts of politics. But instead of playing dirty tricks on the opposition, it seems that Emanuel has... READ MORE

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