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  • 20. Corey Feldman

    One Corey

    Dear God: are you sure you didn’t take the wrong Corey? LOOKS LIKE Death warmed over ... READ MORE

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  • 19. Mark McGwire


    Baseball’s former single-season home-run champ finally admitted this year that he took steroids, which might be the reason he blew up like a Thanksgiving Day balloon. Amusing (and... READ MORE

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  • 18. Nick Jonas

    My Name Is Judas

    It wasn’t enough that the Muppet-voiced icon of fabricated teen pop left his bros behind in an effort to trade his purity ring for a brass one. No, the... READ MORE

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  • 17. Lil Wayne

    MC Hammered

    Several years of misplaced critical acclaim, atrocious chart-topping crossover singles, and more free Cash Money than a federal bailout turned the N’Awlins’s teenage star into hip-hop’s version of ’70s... READ MORE

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  • 16. Underwear Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

    Boxer Rebellion

    As if conservatives didn’t have enough anecdotal proof that there’s a war on Christmas, along comes this Nigerian Al Qaeda wannabe who tries to detonate his Fruit of the... READ MORE

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  • 15. James Cameron


    Insufferably thin- (and blue-) skinned director of Avatar has such a legendarily poor sense of humor that an Oscar-night spoof of the film and its stupid Na’vi... READ MORE

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  • 14. Rod Blagojevich

    Blag Roll

    After a scandal-obliterated run as Illinois governor got him impeached and removed from office, Blago has restored honor to his impossible-to-pronounce name . . . by taking part in... READ MORE

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  • 13. Jake Pavelka

    Paunchless Pilot

    This squeaky-clean pilot turned Bachelorette contestant rat-finked on a cowboy and cried when he got sent home, only to be resurrected as the world’s least-sincere Bachelor... READ MORE

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  • 12. David Paterson

    The Blind Side

    Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is dangerously unhinged, but at least you get the sense he pays for his own Yankees tickets. Not so this... READ MORE

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  • 11. Ben Roethlisberger

    Pittsburgh Feeler

    Steelers’ quarterback has now been accused and investigated twice for sexual misconduct, once in Nevada and once in Georgia. No criminal charges were pressed in the former... READ MORE

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