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49. El Pres

Anytime we need a reminder that this is in fact still a bro's world, we just hop on over to Barstool Sports. At Barstool, the local Internet's number-one source for copy-pasted news stories and videos of people hurting themselves, every woman is a slut offered up by El Pres (a/k/a Dave Portnoy) for the discerning boner critiques of the buffalo-wing-and-hand-lotion-fisted horde of devoted Stoolies. And this year, Portnoy managed to outdo himself in the ickiness department with one big scoop: posting pictures of Tom Brady's naked son and his (apparently) impressive baby dick, under the caption "Check Out the Howitzer on Brady's Kid" — a stunning move douchey enough to give away the answer to one of the site's recurring features, "Guess That Ass." Portnoy, the ass is you.
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